God of New Phlan


Nembar is a god. He can will himself into any shape he desires. Most mortals cannot behold his radiance. Also, his theme song is obviously Power by Kanye West.


“Historical accounts concerning Nembar prior to his ascension to godhood are conflicted and largely unreliable. Documents beyond the Chronicle agree that roughly four hundred years ago, a man who later became the living-god Nembar came to a position of power and prominence among the First Council in the city of Phlan. His origins are disputed; some documents note Nembar as coming from extreme poverty while other accounts state he came from nobility. No names beyond Nembar are given either.

If I may, as a quick aside, elaborate on the name Nembar itself. The name is actually a corrupted form of his title, an old Elven term, Nem-bar-deyth. The title roughly means “Defier of Doom.”

Anyway, the sources surrounding Nembar’s rise to power are also scant on details. The Chronicle notes that he preformed heroic acts of charity around the city, and eventually he started an organized opposition to many of the oligarchic policies held by the First Council. There the Chronicle reports a popular uprising the ruling class that was quashed by the noble houses. Other reports I have found paint a very different picture: that Nembar was a charismatic leader who attempted to ruthlessly usurp power from the First Council in a failed revolt.

It is agreed by all records that Nembar was executed in a public ceremony by burning at the stake. There are multiple eyewitness accounts. There was also a dwarf witness by the name of Thorval Donovan-Kragh. Prior to the Cataclysm he was still living, though his whereabouts are now unknown.

Historical records after this point become very scarce again. It is clear that Nembar’s execution only served to anger him, and he returned from beyond the grave as a being of immense power. He walked into the Council Chambers a week after his execution, and there decreed the rule of the First Council was over. In that moment, it is said that the whole building was set ablaze. Shortly thereafter, Nembar’s palace materialized above the city of Phlan. He has ruled over the city ever since."
– An excerpt from A Treatise on New Phlan by Archbiship Randeth


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