The Shadow

The mysterious mage of Broken Hills


The Shadow is a mysterious figure. She stands at 5’10" and is always cloaked.


No one knows how long The Shadow has lived in town of Broken Hills. Some residents say that the town was built around her and the tower she dwells in. Others say that The Shadow came to live in Broken Hills some time after it had been built and drove the tower’s previous inhabitant.

Little to nothing is known about The Shadow as a person. She seems content to permit the people of Broken Hills go about their lives. From time to time she will trade with the town for supplies, and every decade or so she will take an apprentice.

At this time, she has been working with a group of adventurers to both collect reagents and as a pseudo-adviser. She apparently has some working knowledge of teleportation rituals, and she has knowledge of New Phlan and its undercity.

Her most recent apprentice, Vince Kingfisher was sent on a mission to help the party.

The Shadow

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